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Automating legal business processes

SmartCase is a customized Web Application that automates Legal business Processes. SmartCase boosts of strong features through digitization of files, Documents, activities done, Requisitions, Payments made on a file, Staff Leave, Retainer, Calendaring, Event Notification, Payroll and Many others. These features have been fully utilized thus need for a Mobile App for better user experience.

The System will be tailor-made to suit the Legal Practice in Uganda . While accessed online by users from anywhere anytime, Security is our priority as we ensure Data is safe and only accessed by authorized personnel. Over and above the traditional access authentication method of Username and Password, we implement Two Factor Authentication. SmartCase Manager a Software-as-a-Service product with an annual subscription payment model benefits and One-Off Payments with costs for functionality upgrades & system maintenance, seamless integration of emerging features while using the System.

File Management

Track and manage and update files easily in real time


Schedule your events and receive reminders


Make invoices on files and track their financial status

Client Management

Manage and track your clients progress on their files


Generate statistical reports for easier decision making


Track monies spent on files for a better financial analysis


  • Digitization of files and Documents
  • Improved accessibility
  • Easier to maintain
  • Optimized costs through an effective system based on predefined algorithms that give the manager all the information needed in the financial and Employee Performance aspect of the company.
  • It can be used safely on any device.
  • Automatic periodic backups of Sensitive data
  • Clear perspective of the business evolution and relevant reports for management of the company.